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Tested Leaders
An Executive Recruiting and Retention Firm

We handle the time consuming process of screening dozens of candidates allowing you to focus on your daily priorities. We know how to find the right Tested Leaders in a crowd of candidates.


If you are recently promoted, receive excellent reviews and are continually offered increased responsibilities, we want to talk with you. The employers who appreciate our rigorous process are seeking to build cultures of excellence – the kind of people you want to work with!

Our Guarantee

We are leaders in finding, securing and retaining Tested Leaders for your business.
At three times the industry average, our guarantee reflects our
rigor and competence at finding you the best talent for your business.
See how our unique process for screening, recruiting and placing candidates can work for you.


Our Offerings

We serve high net worth executives that are in transition or seeking improve their position in the job market.

Our Service

Providing the finest personal service to our clients is our highest mission.

Our Technology

We use the latest technology to build and showcase each client’s unique brand.