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Tested Leaders has established a unique protocol for a successful executive search. The value that we bring to our clients is a proven 7-step search methodology that delivers superior results.

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1st STEP: Establish the parameters of the Position

  • Job Description & Title -provides a candidate with a comprehensive understanding of their roles and responsibilities plus any critical expectations of the position.
  • Reporting Structure and Organizational Chart
  • Competencies – detailed listing and definition of leadership, technical and industry competencies required for the position.
  • Compensation – base salary range, bonus potential, benefits, stock options (if any), and any other items.
  • Signing Bonus – if applicable
  • Employment Contract – Determine if standard non-compete will apply.
  • Relocation Package – Review policy with respect to an executive hire at this level. We need to be aware of the policy so that we can properly represent the client if questions arise.

2nd STEP: Compile Candidate Package to attract A players

  • Company Facts – Develop compelling message regarding company’s market position, competitive landscape, organizational structure, corporate culture, and a timeline of important facts in the company’s history.
  • Value Proposition and Strategy – A great chance to wow Tested Leader candidates with selected elements of the strategy
  • Product and/or Service Information
  • Bios of Key Team Members – Summaries of relevant members of the senior staff

3rd STEP: Targeting the Talent Market (concurrent with steps 1 & 2)

  • Top-Tier Companies – Identifying those companies where a candidate’s experience in that kind of company will yield a Tested Leader in the disciplines needed by the client.
  • Hands-Off Companies – We need to know which companies we cannot recruit from – these are companies where you have collaborative agreements or any company / competitor where the interview process alone could reveal confidential information.
  • Define Approach to Market – Will it be advertised? If so, which publications or websites are most appropriate to reach Tested Leader candidates. Which industry associations might yield relevant contacts?

4th STEP: Screening Candidates

  • Inventory – A detailed inventory of the qualified candidates we screen will be provided on-line. It will include a summary of Tested Leader candidates who decline to interview.
  • Initial Phone Screen – Conducted in finding and pre-qualifying of the candidates. We assess credentials, motivations and career objectives vis a vis client requirements.
  • Second Screening – This in-depth interview, in person or by phone, is designed to reveal key accomplishments, the candidate’s character & judgment, and their ability to manage people in addition to simple career history.
  • Test Batteries – These tests are taken on-line or in person and measure candidates’ intellectual, analytical and if relevant, mechanical ability. Additionally, personality factors and management styles are ascertained to identify suitability for the position and the company culture.
  • Verbal Presentation of Short-Listed Candidates.

5th STEP: Interviewing Candidates

  • First On-Site Interviews – one-on-one and panel interviews with key company personnel. We coordinate and manage the logistics of the interview process. Pre and post interview briefings with candidates and clients are conducted. Important areas for exploration and specific interview questions are developed with clients to ensure the interviews are highly productive.
  • Background Checks – Prior to the first on-site interview, we conduct an initial background check on the candidate to validate their academic degrees, patents or IPs earned or submitted; and professional association memberships. We encourage our clients to conduct the following checks: (a) criminal; (b) credit; and (c) driving record. Candidates are asked to provide their SSN # and Driver’s License # at the appropriate time in the interviewing process.
  • Prior Employer Agreements – We ensure that the candidate does not have any agreements that could restrict his/her ability to accept an offer.
  • Reference Checks – We conduct thorough reference checks on the selected candidate’s prior superiors and customers if appropriate. We also conduct an earnings verification (based on W-2s supplied by the candidate).
  • Select Final Candidates

6th STEP: Extension and acceptance of offer

  • Pre-Offer Preparation – Re-confirm compensation criteria, revisit counteroffer and start date availability. Confirm commitment to opportunity to ensure extended offer will result in acceptance.
  • Spouse Considerations – insuring the questions or needs of the spouse are addressed. When recruiting a Tested Leader candidate, the spouse is often a key component in the decision process.
  • Present Offer – Present components of offer inclusive of compensation (bonus, commission structure, stock, etc.) benefits, title, reporting structure, and start-date.
  • Welcome Gift – for ideal candidates where attracting the candidate to the company is critical, we like to send a welcome gift to the spouse/children when the offer is presented.
  • Negotiation – At this stage there should be no surprises, just a few remaining details such as vacation.
  • Formal Acceptance of Offer – Obtain signed offer letter. Manage candidate resignation process including written and verbal notice and counteroffer avoidance.

7th STEP – Stabilizing the Candidate into the company culture

  • Real Estate Assistance – We will work with HR to provide the right kind of realtor to assist the Tested Leader candidate and their spouse with finding a great home in the area.
  • Temporary Living Considerations – Relocation often involves extended separations for the new Tested Leader and their family. We support a successful transition and relocation.
  • 30-60-90 day checks – After the hiring, we follow-up with the new employee to ensure the on-boarding process is going well and provide feedback to the company if appropriate.
  • Online Surveys – Some of our clients utilize our on-line feedback surveys and customize the feedback to 15-45-90 day check point reviews as well as periodic feedback surveys of specific employee groups.