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If you are recently promoted, receive excellent reviews and are continually offered increased responsibilities, we want to talk with you. The employers who appreciate our rigorous process are seeking to build cultures of excellence – the kind of people you want to work with!

Tested Leaders places middle and senior executives in a variety of industries – manufacturing, financial, hospital and service sectors. Our functional expertise includes general management, human resource, operations, quality, engineering, information technology, sales & marketing. We excel in finding the best leaders and technical experts for your business. Most of our candidates have annual salaries in excess of $100K.

What’s next?

Sound promising?  Learn what steps we will take to assess your candidacy.

What to Expect

We offer career coaching programs using a few carefully chosen proprietary assessment methods.  With quantitative & qualitative data, we can help you understand your natural talents, capabilities and work styles in order to make better informed career decisions.