A retained search provides you with the most dedicated and sophisticated level of support to filling your talent needs. We provide you with a dedicated consultant and research team to fill the critical position you have for a Tested Leader in your organization. We tend to avoid recommending a 33% fee and instead recommend a flat fee so as to avoid any confusion over salary and other incentive issues. Flat fees keep the focus on finding a Tested Leader and not the varying salary levels that can be found for a Tested Leader.


A container search is a hybrid form of our retainer and contingency options. The container option allows our clients to retain our services and to explore options while not be obligated to the full search fee for up to 90 days from the date of the agreement. When a candidate is placed, the remainder of the search fee is paid above the initial retainer amount. You receive our dedicated support for filling your talent needs but are obligated to pay for the detailed assessment tools that compliment our Tested Leader screening and selection process.


The contingency search process is very basic. We do not generally take on contingency searches. However, periodically, our clients will ask us to keep an eye out for certain types of talent of employee skill sets. Alternatively, some clients find that our contacts with key Tested Leaders matches their needs and want to proceed with a hire. We view contingency searches as riskier to our clients because the full Tested Leader assessment methodology is not followed. As a result, the probability of selecting the right Tested Leader for your organization is reduced. Nonetheless, we insure that the first 90 days follow a clear on-boarding assessment and feedback process.


Our contract research services are simple and effective. Some clients want to pay for our expertise on an hourly basis to conduct research for talent that exists in the market. In addition to our own database of candidates and network of contacts, our researchers use the latest information resources and methods to find the talent sources you can explore. All researchers keep detailed records of their work. Our clients find the professionalism of our researchers and the marketing of the position to prospective candidates to be exceptional. Other research work involves conducting background checks (references, degree verifications, etc.).

Job Coaching and Resume Writing Services

We provide our clients and candidates with career counseling support, including resume writing, cover letter development and other job search correspondence materials. Our team is highly effective at helping candidates to define, express and present their career credentials.